Deployment Server

The Deployment Server (we will refer to it as “DS”) is an online tool that is used to perform large-scale administration operations using automated scripts. Since the latest FrontStage is built on a cloud-based solution, interventions such as version updates, database updates, deploying a completely new installation, etc. are often time and knowledge intensive. This website includes a set of scripts and monitoring mechanics that can be used to handle these tasks in a few clicks, with all the essentials of the sequence handled by DS for you. Another advantage is the constant updating of available versions and scripts, as this tool is also built on a cloud-based solution. It’s the multitenant solution, which means it can host multiple instances of Fronstage under one DS.


Key fetures of DS usage:.

  • Streamlined and fastened FrontStage installation/configuration

  • Unification of individual system deployments (naming conventions)

  • Overview of all the existing deployments

  • “Low-level” access not necessary for certain resources


Does not eliminate the dependency on external resources, which need to be configured. Some configurations need to be performed manually during the installation. New installation adjustment can be done via ReactAdmin or Visual editors.