React Admin is a web-based application, which serves for setting and administering the whole FrontStage. It offers clean look and modern interface, which will guid you right where you need to. You can adjust roles and permissions, create agent profiles, set-up PBX and IVR and many more.

You have to login with your domain account, which also needs to authorized to use the ReactAdmin app. Otherwise you will be unable to login.

When logged in, main screen will appear, where on the right side, you can see the category tree with all the available settings. The center part of the window contains tiles, which lead to particular setting (no categorization) and when clicked, you will get right to the setting table.


Top bar includes controls for Help [2], Profile [3] and Settings [4].

  • Help - shows another bar, where you can find links for documentation, improvement request and support.

  • Profile - you can logout or switch the account

  • Settings - user interface language


Home button [1] will always get you to the main screen


List functions

Settings and parameters lists have also their specific functions

  • Add item [1] - a side window will appear where you can insert values for a new item

  • Refresh [2] - refreshes the data from database

  • Show filters [3] - it will show the filter field above every column

    • If the filter fields are already visible, the button will be titled as Hide filters

    • If any of the column filters is beign active and you press the Hide filters button, filter will be deactivated and you will see all the items again


If any of the buttons is grayed out, function is not available for a particular list


You can sort the list according to the values in the columns in ascending or descending order - by clicking the column name. The arrow after the name and its direction indicates the sorting order.

If the list contains more items, than it can display on a single page, a numbering will appear at the bottom, which you can use for navigating the pages.