DesktopClient is a thick native Windows application in the form of a bar on the screen. It serves as an add-on for agents to work faster because it is still visible on the screen. In a simpler contact center, and it can also serve as an alternative to ReactClient. A built-in softphone is included, so agents can handle calls from any computer just by launching DesktopClient.

Ribbon definition

The available elements on the bar and their arrangement are the result of the work of the contact center manager or supplier consultant, who prepared the ‘bar definition’ for the agents. This DesktopClient loads and displays the bar accordingly. Agents and supervisors may have different bar definitions to more closely reflect their workload. Agents do not have the option to edit the bar definition, they only work with it.

Reactions to events

The set of reactions is very important for DesktopClient because it defines the behavior of the application to various stimuli, such as an inbound call, chat, etc. Reactions here mean, for example, the type/appearance of an event notification, the automatic start of a process if something happens, etc. In this definition, there are countless ways to set the behavior.

Visual designers

Definitions are generally large json documents that we do not recommend creating or editing manually, but using specialized visual tools. Their description and setting options can be found in the Visual designers section.