Welcome to the FrontStage documentation!

Welcome to FrontStage documentation created for our partners, customers, and all others interested in FrontStage. Individual documents in chapters are ordered from essential topics for end users over how-tos for everybody to references for implementers. We would love to hear your suggestions at docs@atlantis.cz.

Agent manual

Handling the calls is often the most important agent work in the contact center. In this part, you can find out how to make and accept calls and you can also learn how to control other modules from agent’s perspective - messages, issues and other.

Inbound calls

Learn how to receive calls using the FrontStage user interface.

Outbound calls

Creating outbound calls of all the types, like project and private calls and their controls.


Message modul allows you to work with emails, SMS and other kinds of messages.


Take a look, how agent can work with issues when handling the customer requests.


Working with contact module from agents perspective like browsing and selecting the contacts.


Agent handles all the types of chat the same way. Let’s have a look how that works.


Optional Windows application in the form of always visible ribbon on agent’s monitor.


Web application conceptually originating from MS Teams. New intuitive tool for working with FrontStage. Can be launched from a web browser or directly from MS Teams.

Supervisor manual

Supervisor, agent’s superior, has many important roles in the contact center. Creates and handles agent profiles, sets their states, skills and so on. He ussually handles the contacts, creates outbound campaigns, sometimes call rules and so on.

Agent management

Create and adjust agents.


Supervisor uses for his work more tabs nad has extended options.

Visual editors

Brings the possibilities of system maintenance to a higher and more intuitive level. A group of individual editors creates a user-friendly administration as a whole.


Gathered data presentation and contact center status at a glance in one place.


Scenarios and their usage across FrontStage - definitions, screens, screen items and scenario rules.

Workforce management

Tools for planning the holidays and agents shifts like days off, emergency shifts and so on.

Admin manual

FrontStage admin tasks can be divided into the one time tasks - installation and PBX connection and repeating task - like updates, taking care of emerged bugs and problems, maintaining the roles and permissions for other users.

Deployment server

Application created for FrontStage cloud deployment and its maintenance. Automated tasks performed by supplied scripts.


Full reference of configuration parameters, roles, permissions, possible adjustments and localization.


ReactClient for admin shows you available editors, how to create portals, portlet reference and so on.

Social networks

Connecting FrontStage chat to social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.


A tool meant for experienced administrators that works with table-like data representation.

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