AS7 settings tied up with FronStage functionality. Parameters, tutorials, and more.

Outbound call identification change based on the prefix

Set the clipSignaling attribute to “PBX” value for the proper function; only numbers assigned to PBX are accepted then (value “ANY” allows all numbers).


Outbound calls

Configuration is the same as for “MaxCS”, which means through additional parameters (comma separated) prefixed by Aid-.

Pbxstring example, where numbers starting with 81 are translated to numbers starting with 0, and caller ID is changed to 246024169.,6206,20000,3,,heslo,,Aid-81-0-246024169

You can use any amount of “Aid” parameters, and they are loaded only during the ProServer start.


It can also be used in the toolkit during the tests.


After the AS7 start, you will see in the “debug” listing:

13 22:40:35,890: 001 : PbxBase.PbxBase:,6206,30000,3,,heslo,,Aid-81-0-246024169
13 22:40:35,891: 001 : PbxBase.PbxBase: DefaultNoMessageInterval=3,72889269922343 ThreadingWaitStep=187 MaxInvokeCycle=36 MaxRespondCycle=72
13 22:40:35,892: 001 : Pbx.SetOptionalParameters: Added AID map: prefix '81' to be replaced by '0' and to set AID to '246024169'

If all the settings is correct, a message will appear in the Dbg.Handling listing:

13 22:41:42,059: 001 : Extension.MakeCall: Using AID for 81602330533 T=0602330533 AID=246024169:160 [671] OK

There’s an added item in the CSTA element containing the defined AID.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<MakeCall xmlns:xsd= xmlns:xsi= xmlns=>


To configure outbound calls in FrontStage, use Project.DirectionId ‣ Direction.DialPrefix or OutboundList.DirectionId ‣ Direction.DialPrefix (If both values are set, OutboundList takes precedence).

Predictive calls

For the “AutoDial” function, used to make predictive calls, the implementation is direct (no mapping) using the Clip predictor parameter. The predictor extension has to be registered as @ and have the Ivr type in AS7.

  • Exten - Predictive calls extension number

  • Clip - caller number presented to the customer during the call


Setting the rule and AS7 gateway for using the function:

../../_images/as7-settings-1.nol10n.png ../../_images/as7-settings-2.nol10n.png

Parameter for external calls

For environments where 0 is used as a prefix for external calls, there is an ExternalZeroMissingWorkargound parameter. It checks the numbers entering the PBX and adds a zero automatically if they are missing one.


Gets information about the international prefix from the ExternalPlusExpansionWorkaround parameter.

Usage eample:,4806,30000,3,,Pass,,ExternalZeroMissingWorkargound