A callback form. WebCBack adds to web forms the option to create an outbound call to the iCC database and call the client based on it.


WebCBack is an application of the WebSite module. Before you can use it, you must install and configure it.

Integration using JavaScript

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General information about WebSite application integration using JavaScript.

Applications that are rendered in a visible form use the template (.html extension) and settings (.json extension) files located in the Content folder for their rendering. The default templates have the same name as the application name. A standard script template that has the .js extension is used depending on the type of application in the following ways.

Example of an embedded script.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://chat.example.cz/scripts/webcback.js"></script>

Integration using REST API

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General information about WebSite application integration using REST API.


[POST] ~/api/WebCBack - Sends a request to create an outbound call including a completed form (ResultModel); the OutboundCallId of the created call is returned, and the scenario fields are automatically mapped to OutboundCall (OutboundListId is set according to the conditions in WebSiteRouting):

  • CallerNumber - a telephone number (max. 24 characters); a required field

  • ScheduleTime - the required call time; if the regional time is known, the server time is adjusted; Important: if the summer and winter times change in different time zones, this may not be sufficient; optional

  • SchedulTimeUtc - the required call time in UTC; if this time is specified, ScheduleTime is ignored for mapping purposes (but remains in the form); optional

  • DisplayName - call title (max. 50 characters)

  • Language - an ISO code of the language required by the client