Inbound messages

Evaluating and applying rules

The mechanism for evaluating conditions and applying rules is the same for all groups of rules - i.e. for all entry, project, distribution and waiting rules. The entrance rules are applied first, then the project rules, then the distribution rules, and finally the waiting rules.


You can create and adjust the rules by using visual editors.

Pre conditions

Specifies the conditions under which a script is used before a new inbound message is processed from the pilot.

Project conditions

They determine the conditions under which the initial project is selected. They allow you to specify a preferred agent.

Post conditions

They determine conditions under which a script will run after the project is selected when we already know the initial project. It also allows you to change the project.

Wait post conditions

These specify conditions under which the script runs. They also allow you to change the project or stop processing.


More detailed settings can be done by ReactAdmin