Campaigns and bulk messagesΒΆ

Bulk campaigns and bulk messages are used to send messages to a pre-defined list of e-mails addresses (e-mail messages) or phone numbers (SMS messages).

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This article describes campaigns and bulk messages. You may be looking for outbound lists related to the calls described elsewhere.

Campaigns and bulk messages are similar in setup and usage, but there are differences between them.


Bulk messages

Each message can be different due to parametrized templates

Every message is the same

A message (template) can contain an attachment

Messages cannot contain an attachment

Each message can be delivered to multiple e-mail addresses or phone numbers

Each message can only be delivered to one recipient

You can track the progress of message sending

You cannot track the progress of sending

gateway condition applied

gateway condition not applied

To create and control them, use Message campaigns visual editor, where you will also find details about both message types.