Grouping for drop-down lists

FrontStage Administration contains several configuration parameters that affect the behavior of drop-down lists across the entire system. They are listed here in bulk, with an explanation of the impact of their settings.

Drop-down lists occur throughout the system, where you can select from predefined items. The display of these items can be influenced by presenting them either grouped (two-level drop-down list) or just as a list of all values.

Configuration parameters






all lists where a project can be selected

../../_images/configuration-project-ddn-grouping-true.nol10n.png ../../_images/configuration-project-ddn-grouping-false.nol10n.png


in the Current call information portlet and with the outbound call result selected

../../_images/configuration-callresult-ddn-grouping-true.nol10n.png ../../_images/configuration-callresult-ddn-grouping-false.nol10n.png


in the Current call information portlet and the outbound call editor

../../_images/configuration-outboundlist-ddn-grouping-true.nol10n.png ../../_images/configuration-outboundlist-ddn-grouping-false.nol10n.png


for a list of issues in IssuePanel and in the issue editor

../../_images/configuration-topic-ddn-grouping-true.nol10n.png ../../_images/configuration-topic-ddn-grouping-false.nol10n.png


all lists where an agent can be selected

../../_images/configuration-agent-ddn-grouping-true.nol10n.png ../../_images/configuration-agent-ddn-grouping-false.nol10n.png


when selecting a campaign in the message editor

../../_images/configuration-campaign-ddn-grouping-true.nol10n.png ../../_images/configuration-campaign-ddn-grouping-false.nol10n.png

Parameters can be set in Administration, section Configuration.

Each parameter has a default value that is set when the database is created (.dacpac package - set to 10000). With the default value, grouping is not active.

The value of this parameter specifies the number of items from which the drop-down list grouping should begin. That is, if there are fewer items in the list than the parameter value, the grouping is not active, and it is used only after the set limit is reached. If you set the value to 0, it will always group.