Waiting of calls

The visual editor for call waiting rules is a tool for the supervisor (or administrator) to create and edit rules for call queue processing.

The editor can be found in the FrontStage administration, Rules ‣ Waiting of calls. You need the EditInboundWaitCondition role.


Description of wait rules and their behaviour can be found in wait post rules section. In this article, only the visual editor controls and usage will be described.

Working with this visual editor, its logic and control is exactly the same as for incoming rules editor.

The principle of evaluating individual wait post rules is described in section for incoming calls.

However, this visual editor does not work with the Rank value (see link above), which is visible only in the administration, but it distinguishes the sequence of rules groups for processing through the so called “Level” (the value for Rank is assigned to the rule automatically in the background). The evaluation sequence is thus visually represented from “Level 0” to “Level X” (X as the highest level digit). Each “Level” can contain multiple conditions. You assign a value for the “Level” to a rule when you create it by pressing the Create rule button.


If you assign any rule on the last indicated Level, a new transfer will be created and an additional possible level will be indicated (but does not exist yet, because there is no rule in it). That means, when creating a new rule, you will be able to choose this level or D&D an existing rule there.


You can tell if the selected rule item has an editor available where you can see its detail immediately by the detail-editor icon. Click to open the editor in a new window where you can continue working with the item.