The visual topic editor is a tool for the supervisor (or admin) to create and edit topics and subtopics.

The editor can be found in the FrontStage administration, Processing ‣ Topics. You need the EditTopic role.


The running editor displays a list of all the topics (subtopics are visible on topic’s tabs)

In the upper right corner there are buttons for interacting with the records:

  • Export definition - exports the record marked in the list - takes the whole structure of the topic and its subtopics, including the structure of the data query and the form (the output file is json)

  • Create topic - opens a popup window for creating a new record, where you must enter Display Name and Group, Rank only optionally

  • Delete topic/subtopic - deletes the selected entry in the list

  • Save changes

The Detail tab

  • ID - system generated GUID

  • Name - Display name for agents and administration.

  • Description - for easier identification by the administrator

  • Rank - The order in which topics should be offered.

  • Group - Group of topics. The selection of possible topics is based on groups.

  • Type - Topic type, categorization.

  • Show HTML body - Indication whether to show the BodyHtml section in the form.

  • Show Display Name - Indicates whether to display the DisplayName section in the form.

  • Glyph - see Glyphs

  • Scenario - The scenario used for the FormData issue for the given topic (the form will be actively displayed), unless specified for a subtopic (this form would take precedence). NULL means no additional data.

  • Data Query - The underlying data query for the grid to be displayed for the given Topic/Subtopic in the issue editor. NULL means no grid. The grid has a RecordId parameter.


Subtopic tab

The tab shows all subtopics that are defined for the topic.

To create a new subtopic, press Create Topic in the header when you are on the Subtopics tab. A popup will appear asking you to fill in the items:

  • Name - Subtopic display name for agents and administration.

  • Rank - The order in which topics should be offered.

After confirmation, a side window will appear with the subtopic details where you fill in the details. The fields are mostly the same as for the topic, they only differ:

  • Default item - after selecting the topic, this subtopic will be pre-filled in the dropdown as default